Here are some of the wonderful people I met yesterday, and the essence of their story:Quincy thinks of his colleagues at Spar as friends and family!

Two beautful ladies who care for their family and the enviroment!

Les makes great food and takes care of his younger coworkers!

Daniel lives on the street and takes care of his dogs, before he spends money on himself!

Eric and Ellie visit their daughter in Amsterdam!

Harry makes art for the world!

Daughter and mother who run a second hand shop together.

A helpful musician who brings us blues with a smile!

Being happy and wearing fantastic footwear is a great combination!

Three dedicated boys who want to make a difference for the people in Syria!

This guy will give you a laugh while he convinces you to give him one Euro.

This lovely girl gives us new Dutch design and flirty smiles.

Dimitri enjoys being a chef and takes care of two Maine Coon cats!

A taxi driver from Spain who is happy about his eco-friendly job!

This colourful lady brightens up her surroundings!

A very serviceminded man who knows a lot about the biological products at Spar!

Walter and his father take good care of Norwegian girls!